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  • I am a traffic engineer and vehicle mechanic.I have started my own business in my garage in the early '90-s.In the meantime i also elaborated in the computer world,have had a pc shop,side by side with the garage.These times cars are packed with electronics.It is not enough to be a good engine-fitter to repair such a car quickly and properly.The computer-technology has a great role in the automotive industry.It is essential to have the professional knowledge about these various manufacturing diagnostic instruments and programs,which are also essential to find the failure,to read live data from the cars computer.
  • In 2008 i have launched a roadside assistance service in greater Budapest on the name www.sargaangyal.com,wich is still working successfully.

    Our service covers:

    • -trace down failure
    • -averting failures on the spot
    • -change battery,jump start,change generator
    • -fuel change after miss fuelling
    • -wheel change
    • -test of cylinder head in minutes,on the spot without engine disassembly
    • -computer diagnostic: - (check engine light on) saved failure codes readout,deleting

              failure codes after repairing,reading live data,service reset

    • -get a recovery car,in the case of a major error has occurred,which we can't repair on the spot
    • -condition check before buying a used car
    • -air-conditioner refilling,repairing,pollen-filter change